Autonomous Chain Store Management

Managing a chain of fast food stores is no simple matter and not recommended for amateurs.

Beyond the complex logistics that are involved in delivering food and materials to the store and from the store to the customer’s house, the stores themselves must be managed.

In standard set ups, store management requires the recruitment and training of employees and a continuous investment in keeping these employees up to date and informed. Since an autonomous store does not have employees, no recruitment or training is required.

In the autonomous store, management is procedural with a clear protocol of manufacturing to a specific standard from which one must not deviate.

During the process of preparing the food, the quality control system detects malfunctions.

The autonomic management system is based on controllers and AI cameras. each Hyper store contains approx. 120 controllers and thirty cameras that control the various tasks.

The controller array of each store is connected to a management server that gathers data and reports back to the chain control system (cloud based) and from there to a control room.

Data is recorded and saved for later studying and for monitoring of food quality.

Every autonomous store has an autonomous cleaning system that ensures the ongoing cleaning of all working parts and spaces. The cleaning system also incorporates control sensors that report back.

At the end of the production process, each product passes through a metal detector and only then moves on to collection.

In the control room, an image is received of each product produced in every store, so that no meal is released to the customer without having its quality analyzed and sent for further evaluation and documentation in the control room.

Hyper has the ability to control hundreds of stores simultaneously from a single control room.

This is a complex system that has been developed over two and a half years at Hyper and it aims to provide a solution to customers with the broadest layout of stores.

In the future, not only will human workers disappear from fast food stores, but the entire physical supervisory system will disappear and we will have a more accurate, tasty and healthy product.

This system we will save chains huge amounts and significantly increase their competitiveness, allowing the sale of their product at substantially lower prices to the consumer.

We are really close to this day.

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