The Ghost Kitchen as an intermediate step on the way to the hyper concept

The world of food deliveries is constantly growing all over the world and not necessarily because of the Corona pandemic. The consumer has fallen in love with the ease of ordering online and the convenience of receiving the delivery at his doorstep.

Shipment aggregators have opened up and made available to customers a whole world of food that until then had not been available to them.

However, most fast food stores and restaurants have not traditionally been built to provide a fast and efficient response to deliveries.

In sit-down restaurants, the diner on location is the top priority. He arrived at the venue and came to experience a true experience. For him, this is his pastime and entertainment, and he is willing to pay full price for it – to sit at a table, be catered to and receive service from a waiter.

It is only natural that he should expect full value for his money.

In restaurants, the quality of service is one of the pillars of the concept – a primary goal – and is in first place beyond the quality of the food itself.

Deliveries come after, above, and as an addition to the in-house diners, and yet place the manager in a dilemma of priority, the enigma of queue management and the constant need to deal with complaints from both directions, the sit down diners and customers waiting for home delivery.

Other problems that deliveries create – the storage of packaging materials, the delivery handling area, order screens from the aggregators, food packaging tables and heating shelves to keep the food warm until the courier arrives. All these are not naturally available in a restaurant that was not designed by architects and interior decorators to tailor to deliveries.

Dealing with deliveries is not a hobby and a deep understanding of planning and execution capabilities is required in order to succeed in this endeavor over time. This is professionalism for its own sake.

We, at Highpper, exclusively deal with food production for delivery, with no direct contact with the customer himself.

We have built a store that is purpose built for human-free delivery, and have skipped the Ghost Kitchen stage, as it is known today.

Ghost Kitchens without the automation and robotics are equivalent to without the online ordering, relying on phone orders through service representatives.

Our store has been built specifically for deliveries with no human involvement in production, zero wages, and extremely low rental costs due to its placement in large parking lots. Our production capabilities far exceed those of the old Ghost Kitchen and of course the accuracy of the product over time, the quality control and the cleanliness that is second to none, far exceed human capability.

The Ghost Kitchen, as it is currently known, is an interim stage for Highpper, which is the harbinger of a new concept.

The innovative operating expense structure ultimately leads to a doubling of profit and a quick, remarkably high return on investment.

The dramatic increase in profit allows pricing flexibility and increased competitiveness enabling a wide range of pricing strategies.

The Hyper store provides an absolute advantage to the chain over ‘old school’ conservative competitors.

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